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Interior design is much more than furniture and matching pieces together, according to Angelo Wright Jr, design is a world!

 Angelo started to attend art school at The Art Institute of Kansas City. He first had an interest in Architectural Studies and found structure of buildings to be similar to how his lifestyle was. He later realized that he was more passionate about interior design. 

Throughout Ángelo interior design journey he begin to develop a belief into his craftsmanship of being a designer. His belief is that being a creative thinker and going against normal design is what makes him a triple threat! 

  • 1. Design to speak- Angelo designs are statement and conversational starters. He designs and creates memorable lasting impression without an explanation to his design aesthetic.

  • 2. WOWED factor landmines- Angelo likes to plan wowed moments into his designs and custom pieces. Having a Cliente wow is typically a moment of a “I didn’t see that coming” wowed landmine. To have a cliente be unexpectedly WOWED is the greatest feeling a designer can receive. You can expect a WOW landmine in every job asked of Ángelo.

  • 3. Family- Angelo belief is that he does not look at clients like clients, but to see them as extended family. Angelo will connect and find the purpose behind the design, the connection to the space and most importantly design with love!

What is Dscover Ur Dzine


DSCover Ur Dzine, LLC is the company you go to in order to have that element of surprise designs and art.

We view every project be it a space or creation  as an opportunity of creating something unique, priceless and timeless! 

DSCover Ur DZine, LLC is:


We design with our clients in mind 

Design Services


Dscover Ur Dzine offers a range of services to its clients such as:

  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Interior Designing of Space(s)
  • Staging and Layout Designing
  • Customization Products
  • Design Budget Planning
  • Organization Proficiency Planning 

These services do offer pricing packaging or price by need, depending upon its client(s) request and or need. For additional details contact us today by email or phone. 

Lenexa KS

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